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Таймер для кроссфит
180 $
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Таймер для кроссфит (Gym Timer)

Размеры: Д 34.5 cm x В 10 cm x Г 4 cm


12/24H Real-time clock: 24-hour [H1 HH:MM], 12-hour [H2 HH:MM] (HH=hours, MM= minutes), easily to convert
Countdown/up :format [dn MM:SS], from [dn 99:59] to [dn 00:00], [UP MM:SS], from [UP 00:00] to [UP 99:59]
Stopwatch:format [MM SS:MS], from [00 00:00] to [99 59:99] (MS = 1/100 second value)
Fixed-setting Interval Timing Modes: Fixed timing group 1 =(20-second training,10-second rest, 8 rounds). Fixed timing group 2 =(5-minute training,1-minute rest,5 rounds), Fixed timing group 3 =(5-minute training,1-minute rest,3 rounds), quick fixed settings is very convenient by one button directly, after selected the modes you want, then press[start] to go is OK.
Personal-setting Alternate Timing Modes: Specially designed for personal-setting modes,10 different groups of alternate timing modes (training time, rest time & cycle times), it will run & cycle from the first group to the last one automatically as your pre-settings. You can set it to be the model [1 minute per round, 99 rounds] and other modes if you like.



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